Stretch Film

Stretch Film, that is wrapped around items and Pallets. It's an Affordable way to protect your Pallets load as well as keep items clean during transport. Stretch wrap Film is offered as hand Stretch Film and Machine Stretch Film Rolls. Widely used for Pallet-Packing or Warehouse Storage. And applied to various fields , such as Electronics, Building Materials Automobile Components, Chemical Products, Containers and Food wrapping. All of our Stretch Wrap Dimensions (Thickness, Width and Length) are guaranteed so you always get what you pay for!

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Our team of Efficient Personnel Utilizes various Hi-Tech Machines in the Production of Stretch Wrapping Film that provides better Securing ability and Adhesion Power. We offer our range in Customized form Adhering to the Designs and Specifications of our valued Clients.

The Stretch Wrapping Films are used in following Applications:

Packing of Corrugated Boxes.

Packing of Loose and Small Products Together.

Wrapping Pallets

Packing of Big Machines.

Wrapping Food Items

General purpose use to wrap any items

We are making the product on 3 layer Cast line Machines.


Manual Grade with General Width of 100 mm TO 1600 mm

Machine Grade with width of 100 mm TO 1600 mm

Baby Rolls in 50 mm TO 500 mm Width (Small Core)

Strtech Film Roll With Handle